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Auto Tech 2021 Exhibition in Guangzhou

2019-06-28   199

On May 25-27, 2021, Guangdong Jianqiao Test Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jianqiao Instrument] will bring its latest test equipment to the AUTO TECH 2021 China·Guangzhou 8th International Automobile Technology Exhibition. On-site display: vibration test system, Temperature and humidity vibration combined chamber , high and low temperature explosion-proof Li-ion Battery test chamber , high acceleration shock tester , battery thermal abuse test machine, Battery short circuit test Chamber, and other test equipment and power battery related test solutions.

(AUTO TECH 2021) "The 8th International Automotive Technology Exhibition" is composed of exhibitions related to automotive technology and summit technology forums. The organizing committee set up special exhibitions such as automotive electronics technology exhibition, automotive lightweight technology and automotive materials exhibition, car networking technology exhibition, new energy vehicle technology exhibition, automotive test and measurement exhibition, and autonomous driving technology exhibition.


At the same time invite companies such as Guangzhou Automobile, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, BYD, Tesla, Xiaopeng, Dongfeng, Changan, SAIC, Geely, GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, NIO, FAW, Bosch, Continental, Magna, and Electric Tens of thousands of purchasing and technical engineers from automobile OEMs and Tier1 suppliers from all over the world, such as automotive equipment, Desay SV, etc., will gather together. Industry leaders will also share wonderful speeches on the hottest topics to show you the latest trends in the automotive industry. And cutting-edge technology.



                                        JQA SERIES Electrodynamic Vibration Sahker (Air cooling type )image.png

JQA series electric vibrating table (air-cooled): It has many advantages such as wide frequency, excellent index, high reliability, small footprint, convenient movement, simple operation, etc. At present, this series has many different models of vibrating table to choose from . (Air-cooled) . The excitation force ranges from 1kN to 70kN, and the maximum load is from 70kg to 1000kg. 

The (Water-cooled) Vibration shaker can achieve 8T-50T, the excitation force range is from 80kN to 500kN, and the maximum load is from 800kg to 1500kg.

Features: Adopt a new connection method T-type high-pressure static pressure guide rail, with excellent dynamic performance, each bearing has its own set of feedback system, with excellent parallel working performance, simple parallel assembly process, easy to guarantee high performance Require.


Three comprehensive combined  chamber  for temperature, humidity and vibration: It is mainly a combination of environmental test chamber and vibration test system. During the test, temperature, humidity, vibration (high or low temperature), (sinusoidal vibration or random vibration) and electrical stress are integrated in the same cycle according to the specified period. “Environmental simulation” tests of temperature, humidity, and vibration are applied to the samples in the climate test chamber.

Features: Independent vibration control system, constant temperature and humidity control system for individual test or composite test for high temperature, low temperature, constant temperature and humidity, vibration, respectively, can be designed with a movable track, which can be easily operated (horizontal and vertical vibration) composite test.


Highly accelerated impact test table: It is used to accurately measure and evaluate the impact resistance of products and product packaging. It has an efficient platform damping device; for a large impact test machine, the instantaneous impact force is very large and efficient during the impact test. The body vibration damping device greatly reduces the impact on the ground, no special foundation is needed, and the installation is very convenient. It can realize half sine wave impact test; rear peak sawtooth wave; trapezoidal wave and so on. Simulate the impact conditions that the restored product may experience to help analyze and improve the product structure. The maximum load can be selected from 5kg to 1500kg.

Features: The original composite impact response technology can accurately achieve "positive impact" and effectively absorb the high-frequency harmonics of the impact. The impact waveform on the impact table can reach more than 100000g, which is close to a sine wave. The replaceable hammer arm is adopted, and different impact response tables can be replaced according to the test parameter and the load of the test piece, and the use range of the test machine is expanded.


The high and low temperature explosion-proof test chamber is mainly used to perform environmental simulation tests on the physical and other related characteristics of the products under the conditions of low temperature, high temperature, temperature and humidity and their cyclic changes in accordance with national standards or user-defined requirements. , Through testing, to determine whether the performance of the product can still meet the predetermined requirements for product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection, widely used in communications, automobiles, electronics, electrical, home appliances and other fields.

Features: Precise and high-end exterior process design, the outer shell uses 1.5MM electrolytic plate electrostatic spray paint, and the inner shell  is all sealed and welded with international SUS# 304 high temperature resistant stainless steel. The insulation layer is made of fire-resistant high-strength PU polyurethane foam insulation material. It has 4 layers of explosion-proof glass, explosion-proof net, pressure relief port, and smoke alarm device. The refrigeration system adopts advanced cold-end control technology, which saves more than 50% of energy than traditional equipment. The control system and control circuit adopt the original imported brand core accessories.


The battery thermal abuse (thermal shock) test chamber  simulates the battery placed in a high temperature chamber  with natural convection or forced ventilation, heated to the specified test temperature at a certain heating rate and maintained for a certain period of time. Observe the changes of various indicators of the tested battery at this temperature, and can be used for heating test of the mold shell stress tester at high temperature. The battery thermal abuse (thermal shock) test chamber is to put the battery in the test chamber . The test chamber  is heated at a temperature rise rate of (5 ± 2) °C/min. When the temperature in the box reaches 130 °C ± 2 °C and the constant temperature lasts for 30 minutes, the battery should not fire or explode.

Features: The exterior is made of SECC steel plate and refined powder baking paint; the interior is made of SUS stainless steel. The new high temperature resistant long-axis motor. Turbo fan. Silicone tight. Explosion-proof net device. Over-temperature protection, overload automatic power-off system. Circulation system: forced horizontal air circulation. Heating system: PID+SSR thermostat: PID microcomputer control, automatic constant temperature, rapid temperature compensation function. Timing function: temperature reaches the set point When the time is set, the power failure alarm indication.


The battery short-circuit test chamber  is designed to integrate various battery short-circuit test standards; according to the standard, the short-circuit device must meet the internal resistance range of less than 100mΩ, so as to obtain the maximum short-circuit current required by the test; in addition, the circuit design of the short-circuit device must be able to Withstand the impact of large currents, so we will use industrial-grade DC electromagnetic contactors, all-copper terminals and internal copper plates for diversion. The built-in active ball axial fan provides effective heat dissipation protection, which will make the high-current short-circuit device safer and effectively reduce The loss of test equipment ensures the accuracy of test data.

Features: Precise and high-end exterior process design, the outer shell uses 1.5MM electrolytic plate electrostatic painting, the inner box is all sealed and welded with international SUS# 304 high temperature resistant stainless steel, four-layer tempered glass is safe and explosion-proof, industrial-grade DC mechanical suction contactor Low resistance, fast response speed, safe and reliable, over-temperature, short-circuit, power failure memory leakage, etc. 10 dozens of safety protection devices, meet the domestic and foreign test standards.