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The 14th China International Battery Fair Successful Closed in March 28th 2021

2021-03-28   174

                  The 14th China International Battery Fair  Successful Closed In March  28th 2021



From March 19th to 21st, 2021, Guangdong Jianqiao Test Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in 

the three-day "14th  China International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF2021)". 

This exhibition has a strong lineup and a gathering of talents , The exhibition area is 100,000 

square meters, there are more than 1,300 exhibitors at home and  abroad, and the number of

 visitors is about 60,000. The scene is crowded!     


The products jianqiao exhibited  include: vibration test system, temperature and humidity 

vibration combined chamber , battery thermal abuse test chamber , battery short circuit test 

chamber , high acceleration impact test table , high and low temperature explosion-proof 

test chamber  and other test equipment, on-site, Jianqiao  through professional explanations

 and physical exhibits, the sales elites frequently communicated and explained with  major 

battery manufacturers, overseas customers, and colleagues, and received unanimous praise .   image.png  image.png  


First of all, Jianqiao Instruments would like to thanks the China International Battery 

Technology Exchange Conference/Exhibition for providing us with this platform, and also

 thank all new and old customers for their attention and support! Jianqiao Instrument will 

adhere to the vision and goal of "Keep improvement , do China's intelligent manufacturing,

 create a first-class brand"! We will continue to improve technology research and development,

 accelerate the process of brand building, and ensure quality and service, and we will move

 forward with this as the direction mark!