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Product number:High Acceleration Shock Test Machine


use:JQA series Electro-dynamic vibration test system (air-cooled)JQA series Electro-dynamic vibration test system (air-cooled)JQA series Electro-dynamic vibration test system (air-cooled)JQA series Electro-dynamic vibration test system (air-cooled)JQA series Electro-dynamic

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The high-acceleration shock test machine is specially developed to meet the requirements of the military industry and home appliances. It adopts the drop principle. In order to increase the initial velocity, the air pressure reverse thrust or spring energy storage is adopted. It is convenient for  adjusting the inflation pressure. To achieve various accelerations. for high accelerations that are difficult to achieve, the stage is equipped with a waveform amplifier.



Advanced energy storage
Within the limited impact distance limited by the structure of the device, 5 times the impact energy damage of the free fall of this distance can be obtained.

◎ Original composite impact response technology, which can accurately achieve “positive impact” and effectively absorb high frequency harmonics of impact, a shock waveform with a response of up to 100,000 g or more, close to a sine wave.

◎ The replaceable hanging hammer arm method can be used to replace different impact response worktable according to the test index and the specimen load. The use scope of the testing machine are expanded.

◎ The separation working method of  acceleration guide seat and the impact hammer makes the impact response close to the ideal impact physical model. The impact parameters obtained are more precise and easier to control.

◎ Direct impact damping system, high-efficiency damper installed at the bottom, absorb the impact energy of the accelerating guide when the impact is completed.

◎ The high-acceleration impact test damper directly absorbs the impact kinetic energy of the strike hammer after the impact is completed, and automatically eliminates the secondary impact.

◎ Sturdy safety protection device can effectively prevent personal injury caused by improper installation of the specimen or accidental damage of the impact device and damage to surrounding instruments.


Basic definition:
● Gravity acceleration: The acceleration of an object on the surface of the earth due to gravity., gn takes an integer of 10 m/s2.
● Pulse duration (pulse width): The time  takes for the shock pulse to rise from  reference value to the maximum value  then to reference value.
● The severity of the shock test: The severity of the shock test is a combination of peak acceleration and nominal pulse duration.
● Speed change: The absolute value of the sudden change in speed that is generated by applying the specified acceleration.
● Basic pulse waveform:

   Half sine pulse: The time history curve is the ideal shock pulse for a half cycle of a half sine wave.

   Post-peak sawtooth pulse: The time history curve is the ideal shock pulse of an asymmetrical triangle with a short fall time.

   Trapezoidal pulse: The time history curve is a symmetrical quadrilateral with short rise and fall times.

 Calculation formula:
⊙ Semi-sine wave: Δv=(2/π)AD×10ˉ³
⊙ Rear peak sawtooth wave: △v=0.5AD×10ˉ³
⊙ Ladder wave: △v=0.9AD×10ˉ³
    Where Δv=speed change amount, unit m/s; A=acceleration, unit m/s2;
    D = pulse duration in m/s.

The company's product catalogue respectively indicate the speed changes under the no-load and nominal loading states of each type of pneumatic shock test machine. Users can select the high acceleration shock tester according to their own test indicators.
Example: The test piece has a mass of 30kg and a size of 400×400mm. It should meet the half-sine test index of 100g and 11ms.

Then according to the formula
Half sine wave: △v=(2/π/)AD×10ˉ³
                          ≈7<12 (the amount of speed change in the maximum loading state of the  IS25),
                          Therefore, the a IS25 impact table can meet the requirements of this test.


The equipment is used to detect early faults, simulate actual working condition assessment and structural strength test. The product has a wide range of applications, wide application range, and remarkable and reliable test results.



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