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Vibration Test System

Product number:JQVT-9000 Series Digital Vibration Controller and Software


use:Software standard featuresVibration controller for full range of vibration modes&nbs

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Software standard features

Vibration controller for full range of vibration modes

-Random control                          -Classical shock control                    -Shock response                 -Sinusoidal control                                                

 -Spectrum control                        -Compound vibration                                  -Road spectrum simulation       -Seismic wave simulation

New soft ware control  features

-Kurtosis control                                                                                                   -Groove control

-Step sine                                                                                                              -Shock response spectrum signal analysis

  • Sine control (Sine)

The sinusoidal control function provides closed-loop control of sine sweep and fixed-frequency test. The tracking filter technology is used to adjust the sinusoidal amplitude by the vibration feedback signal, which can quickly respond to nonlinear changes of the system. The target spectrum has the function of automatically calculating the crossover point and setting the constant value spectrum quickly, and supports segmentation to define the sweep frequency and compression ratio. The schedule can define the sweep range, sweep direction, sweep rate, sweep count or time, fixed frequency, fixed frequency time, or periodicity.Control strategy: single channel, weighted average, maximum, minimum control

Analysis bandwidth: 1Hz^5000Hz, high frequency can be extended to 10000Hz, low frequency can be extended to 0.01Hz

Harmonic distortion: The harmonic distortion curve of the whole frequency band can be obtained by sweeping the frequency to visually show the degree of distortion of the signal waveform. The harmonic order can be set, and each input channel is calculated separately.

Step sine: implements functions that are sequentially resident at a certain frequency interval

Analytical line: 512, 1024, 2048, 4096

Sweep mode: log sweep, linear sweep

Closed loop time: 5ms (typical)

Waveform distortion: <0.3%

Control dynamic range: >95dB

Frequency indication error: <0.01%

  • Random control (Random)

The stochastic control adopts the transfer function equalization method to continuously output Gaussian random signals, and quickly execute real-time precise closed-loop control. The built-in adaptive control algorithm can quickly respond to nonlinear changes of the system. Random Control also provides kurtosis control for reliability enhancement testing.Frequency range: 04680Hz, expandable to 18750Hz

Analytical line: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 lines, Expandable to 6400 lines

Target spectrum: editable, or import measured data, automatically calculate the crossing point, the number of crossing points is not limited

Import the format of the measured data as the target spectrum:Binary, txt text, Excel text, maximum, minimum.

Control strategy: single channel, weighted average, maximum and minimum control, degree of freedom: 4~1200

Sigma cut: adjustable from 2 to 6

Control dynamic range: >90dB

Closed loop time: 100ms (typical)

Control accuracy: ±1dB

  • Resonant Search and Resident Control (RSTD)

Using the sine sweep frequency vibration test method, the frequency sweep is performed within a defined frequency range, and the phase is combined with the Q (quality factor) value or the amplitude ratio judgment to find the resonant frequency of the test piece. A dwell test can also be performed at the found resonant frequency to verify the reliability and stability of the test piece. In addition, the resonant tracking dwell mode and  track the change of the resonant frequency can also be set so that the test piece is always in resonance.

Define the resonant search object: Transfer characteristics between any two input channels or control signals and arbitrary channels

Frequency lock dwell condition: Q (quality factor) value, amplitude ratio

Frequency lock dwell condition: the specified time or period, amplitude Specific drift rate

Resonant tracking dwell condition: the specified time or number of cycles is reached Resonant frequency offset (frequency Hz or percentage);

Amplitude ratio drift rate (total offset rate dB)

  • Classical Shock

    Products are often subjected to various transient shock loads during processing, transportation, and use. Impacts may cause damage or even failure of product structure and performance. In order to determine the suitability of the product to withstand impact during use and transportation, it is necessary to perform a simulated impact test of the product in the laboratory. The typical impact test function uses a transfer function equalization method for closed-loop control and supports simulation of various pulse types

Supported pulse types: half sine wave, front peak sawtooth wave, rear peak sawtooth wave, angular wave, rectangular wave, trapezoidal wave, bell wave 

Pulse duration: can be set from 0.5ms to 3,000ms

Frame size: up to 32768

Meet the standard: M|L-STD-810 (US military standard), 1S0 standard, EC60068-2-27, ML-STD-202 user-defined test standard.

Pulse interval: can be set

Operating mode: automatic/manual

Pulse reversal: the pulse reversal can be operated at any time during the test, or set in the schedule, 

In addition, the target spectrum can be defined as a negative pulse.

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